It has been quite sometime since I posted a blog here.  And this is a blog of a different sort.  My photos are just quick iphone shots.  There will be birthday photos to come.

So I have been procrastinating with planning a birthday for my soon to be two year old twins.  And just last week I decided, let’s go for it!  I purchased everything Tow Mater that I could find.  (If you aren’t hip on two year old loves, he is a tow truck from Disney’s Cars and he also has his own show “Tow Mater’s Tales).  Then I saw fabulous Tow Mater Pinata’s.  Eventhough a two year old will never be able to break this open, I HAD to have one!

I messaged every Pinata person I could find on the internet and on  The same response , “A custom Piñata takes 2-3 weeks including shipping.”  I was not going to settle for a party store one with a label stuck on it.   Then my mother showed up with the great idea that if we went to Global Market on Lake Street in Minneapolis that we would find “AMAZING” pinatas.   5:30 on Saturday night we ran off.   There was one little kiosk with a few pinatas and we found this in the back.
Before I could even get in the car I started dismantling the yellow car.  I had a vision!  Then I realized I had just paid $25 for a card board box.Next stop – Michaels for lots of supplies!

With a little work this is where I went to sleep on Saturday night.

Sunday morning the architect-wanna-be in me started working on sketching a plan for the back of the tow truck on graph paper.  Then I laid it out and made the pieces out of cardboard filled with bubble wrap and covered in clear packaging tape.


I got smart & cut multiple pieces of tissue paper with my cutter instead of piece by piece as I started.

Here is Sunday morning 10:30 ish … .off to Lowes for more materials!

Here is the finished project. 9:45 Sunday night and it was a totally Manic Mater day!  A destroyed kitchen, food thrown from high chairs everywhere and dishes piled high.  But I have in my hands what they said would take weeks to get!  I cant wait for the birthday fun next weekend!